Benefits of Having Pets

Some people assume that having pets make them get loss because they have to spend money to buy foods and take care of pets. Is it assumption true? Of course, it is not fully true because having pets is a choice. If people don’t have pets, it is not a problem. If they want to have pets, it is a good thing because this brings many benefits. Do you have pets? If you answer no but you are keen on adopting some pets in the short time, do your plan as soon as possible so you can get these benefits:

Release stress

As you probably know stress happens when people feel depressed because of having many jobs, family problems, debts, and so on. To deal with this, there are many solutions that can be done. Some researches show that having pet(s) is one of the ways to release stress. This happens because when taking care of pet, people will get comfort and happiness so they can forget their stress. Of course, in this case, pet must be obedient so owners don’t bother themselves. Don’t buy my words, just try it and look the result. You will feel happy and free from stress fast if you have pets.

Make home safe

You can get this benefit if you adopt dog. Yup, dog is a loyal and obedient animal. If you train it well, it will obey all your commands well. For instance, if you want to leave home and you ask it to bark when people come in, it will bark and even pursue them. This will make bad guys think twice to enter your residence. Remember that you don’t force your pet when training it because it needs to feed and take a rest to maintain its body’s health. This means that you have to take care of it well so it will want to guard and obey all your commands.

If you get difficulty in training your dog, don’t doubt to ask for help from dog trainers. Make sure that you choose professional and reliable ones so your dog is smart and know what your orders are.

Earn money

If you like breeding, you can use your pets to breed and then sell those to other people so you can earn money. This is legal because you don’t torture animal at all. Unfortunately, breeding is not easy because you will be ready to face failure and spend much money. For this, you are suggested to gather a lot of information from various sources, including asking professional breeders directly. If someday later, you succeed to breed your pets, you have to take care of them so you can sell them with high price. Make sure that you also feed and maintain their body’s health as well as possible. Also look after their parents so you can continue breeding your pets. You need to know that you can earn tens or hundreds of dollars when selling your pets. Hopefully, you can earn much money.

Have These If You Want to Be a Good Dog Trainer

Becoming a dog trainer is easy because you just need to train dog. However, there are many people failing to become and do this job. This happens because they don’t have skill to train dog at all. Anyway, are you a dog trainer? If you are, you should be grateful because you have a good profession. You need to know that you can make dog smart and dog owner happy. This is cool, right? Nevertheless, are you a good one? If you answer no and want to be a good dog trainer, you need to have these:


Yup, come on time and train dog based on schedules. If you can discipline yourself, you can make dog discipline. Unfortunately, most dog trainers don’t have this character because they don’t know the important of discipline in training dog. You might don’t realize about this but you need to know that if you train dog with disciplined manner, dog will be obedient and smart within couple weeks. How to be discipline? Start from simple thing, like taking a bed at 10 o’clock, going to dog training class on time, washing dirty dishes after eating, and so on.


As you probably know, training dog is not easy because most dogs are naughty. They cannot understand and listen to your orders or commands. They will run and play with others when you train them. If you are not patient in facing this condition, of course your emotion will take over your mind so you will be angry and do bad things, like kicking, hitting, and throwing dogs. This is bad because dog owners will complain and report you to police. You will go to jail at last. For this, if you are a dog trainer, have this character. By being patient, you can train dogs well and make dog owners like you. This may be hard but you must believe that all your efforts will produce good results at last.


Sometimes, what efforts you do cannot be accepted by dog owners. They blame and complain you. Even, some of them assume that you are not professional and reliable. You need to realize that it is one of the risks of becoming dog trainer in which you will get appreciation and complaint sooner or later. Well, if you are complained and blamed, be wise. You should show your wisdom by accepting all complaints and solving all of them as well as possible. For instance, if you are complained because you cannot succeed to train dog, tell dog owners that you already do your best and need a long process to make their dog smart and obedient. If you are blamed because their dog gets injury, tell what happens truly and show the real evidences so dog owners stop blaming you.

In other hand, you also have to show your wisdom when getting difficulty in training dog. How? Find other strategies or ways to train it so it wants to listen and understand your commands.

Be Careful of Buying Cat Food

At this moment, there are many cat foods in the market place. All those products are offered with various prices and packs. Cat owners usually like buying cheap cat foods because they want to save some money and reduce expenses. This is not false but not all cheap products are good for cat. As a good cat owner, you must be careful of buying cat food. Don’t be tempted with cheap price easily because there are many disadvantages that you may get at last. You need to know that you cat will deal with these if they eat bad food:


Cat has sensitive metabolism system. When it feels uncomfortable with food that it already eats, it will gag. This will be serious problem for you, especially if your cat gags carelessly. Imagine if it does this in your bedroom or living room. You can step or touch its vomit accidentally. Besides, you need to know that its vomit is bed smelled so you will get discomfort. If you have allergies or feel disgusted, of course you will feel nausea and gag at last.

Get sick

Your cat will be passive and like sleeping. It will lose hair or deal with skin problem. If you let this problem continue happening, in the long run, your cat will lose its weight and look thin. This is not good for its health because it cannot do its daily activities anymore. To deal with this, you have to stop feeding it with the same foods. Then, bring it to animal clinic as soon as possible and ask veterinarian to take care of your pussy as well as possible. In general, it will be quarantined for couple days till it gets its health back. You have to be patient to wait it and ready to lose it forever if veterinarian cannot help it anymore. You need to know that treating cat is not easy, especially if it is sick for a long time. There is a long process to make it healthy.


The worst risk if you feed your kitty with bad food is died. Yup, this happens because its metabolism system cannot digest that food so it is poisoned. In this condition, it will be alone and sleep for a long time. In general, it will produce sound of pain for couple times and then get to sleep again. In a few hours, it will die in peace. This will be bad news for you and you will be sad, especially if you love it so much.

Can it be saved? The answer is maybe yes as long as you bring it to animal clinic fast. Veterinarian will inject it with medicine and quarantine it for couple days. The opportunity to make it healthy is 30-40 percent but no need to worry because you can look your pussy anymore if you treat and take care of it optimally. For this, be careful of buying cat food. Make sure that food is not expired and consist of bad materials.

Want to Run a Dog Training Course Smoothly?

Are you now running a dog training course? If you answer yes, it is a good idea because at this moment, there are many dog owners who need help to train their dogs. However, this training course is not easy to be run because some dog owners don’t trust and new dog training courses continue popping up. If you don’t prepare yourself well, your business will collapse and close soon. To avoid dealing with this problem, you are highly encouraged to do this so your course runs smoothly:

Serve all dog owners well

The first important thing to do is serving all dog owners well. They usually visit your course first and then check facilities and look what you do there. If you don’t serve them well during their visit, of course they will not trust you at all. The worst part is they will never recommend you to others. Therefore, serve all dog owners as well as possible and make sure that you never make them disappointed and annoyed. If you already do your best to serve them but they still feel disappointed, apologize as soon as possible. By doing this, they will know how responsible you are so they will want to cooperate with your course.

Recruit professional dog trainers

If your dog training course starts developing and going to be popular, you will attract many dog owners to cooperate with you. In this condition, you cannot work yourself, you need help. For this, recruit some dog trainers to help you. Remember not to recruit them as you like. You have to know about their experience and durability first. Make sure that you recruit professional ones so they can work optimally. In other hand, if you hire amateurs for this job, you will regret and get loss because they will make many mistakes that make dog owners feel disappointed. You will get many complaints and stress out at last. Furthermore, you can be charged to pay some money or go to jail. For this, be careful of recruit dog trainers.

Provide adequate facilities

To make dog owners and their dogs get comfort at your course, you should provide adequate facilities, like parking area, waiting room, class, and toilet. You can equip class with television and toys for dogs so these pets can play and learn well. Anyway, you also have to maintain cleanliness and comfort of facilities so dog owners and their dogs never complain you about provided facilities. What if you have limited budget that makes you unable to provide good facilities? No need to worry because you can buy needed facilities first. Remember to explain to dog owners about your provided facilities so they know about this and never regret.

Btw, what if your competitors ruin your course image? Don’t be panic and afraid as long as you always do your best. Show that you can grow and build your course image so dog owners and competitors know that you are not weak. Hopefully, by doing all of these, you can run your dog training course smoothly. Good luck. 🙂