Have These If You Want to Be a Good Dog Trainer

Becoming a dog trainer is easy because you just need to train dog. However, there are many people failing to become and do this job. This happens because they don’t have skill to train dog at all. Anyway, are you a dog trainer? If you are, you should be grateful because you have a good profession. You need to know that you can make dog smart and dog owner happy. This is cool, right? Nevertheless, are you a good one? If you answer no and want to be a good dog trainer, you need to have these:


Yup, come on time and train dog based on schedules. If you can discipline yourself, you can make dog discipline. Unfortunately, most dog trainers don’t have this character because they don’t know the important of discipline in training dog. You might don’t realize about this but you need to know that if you train dog with disciplined manner, dog will be obedient and smart within couple weeks. How to be discipline? Start from simple thing, like taking a bed at 10 o’clock, going to dog training class on time, washing dirty dishes after eating, and so on.


As you probably know, training dog is not easy because most dogs are naughty. They cannot understand and listen to your orders or commands. They will run and play with others when you train them. If you are not patient in facing this condition, of course your emotion will take over your mind so you will be angry and do bad things, like kicking, hitting, and throwing dogs. This is bad because dog owners will complain and report you to police. You will go to jail at last. For this, if you are a dog trainer, have this character. By being patient, you can train dogs well and make dog owners like you. This may be hard but you must believe that all your efforts will produce good results at last.


Sometimes, what efforts you do cannot be accepted by dog owners. They blame and complain you. Even, some of them assume that you are not professional and reliable. You need to realize that it is one of the risks of becoming dog trainer in which you will get appreciation and complaint sooner or later. Well, if you are complained and blamed, be wise. You should show your wisdom by accepting all complaints and solving all of them as well as possible. For instance, if you are complained because you cannot succeed to train dog, tell dog owners that you already do your best and need a long process to make their dog smart and obedient. If you are blamed because their dog gets injury, tell what happens truly and show the real evidences so dog owners stop blaming you.

In other hand, you also have to show your wisdom when getting difficulty in training dog. How? Find other strategies or ways to train it so it wants to listen and understand your commands.